Thanks for stopping by . . . 

My world is full of great joy and I am biased when
I say I have the best husband in the world.
There is just the two of us with one
spoilt cat and a very old dog.

I have re-discovered the wonderful art of sewing since returning to
Sydney some years ago - having owned a B&B and restaurant -
so can tick that one off the bucket list - never
to be repeated in this lifetime!!

We have a wonderful life in Sydney with a tiny backyard - 
chooks rule the yard,and it is more like a retirement 
home for them -they are all such characters.

I work full time as a bus driver on Sydney's beautiful northern beaches. 

New Years Eve antlers and unfortunately standing in front of my wire
sculpture on the wall - makes for an interesting pic . . .

I also breed Gouldian finches and hand raise cockatiels. 

Another spoilt family member, one very spoilt Russian Blue . . .

And did I mention the chooks . . .

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