Saturday, 15 October 2011

Work In Progress: Tennessee Waltz Quilt

I have been working on this project for a while now . . . this is a another kit from Rose Patchwork Cottage and every now and then I drag it out and do a few more ladies dresses or panels. It is one of those great sewing projects using the various fabric choices and like all quilting, just watching it grow into that beautiful end result is so pleasurable - as I am sure you all know!
Until next time . . . Suzi
The fabric selection is wonderful . . .
This is what it will look like when finished!
Yet to do freehand quilting . . .


Robyn G. said...

Hello Suzi and welcome to blogland!
It's a great place to be :-)
I'm another Sydney sider.. towards the mountains.
Your Tennesee Waltz quilt is so beautiful.. what a lovely quilt!

Robyn xx

Sandy at Cookies and Cream Craft said...

What a gorgeous quilt, Suzi! And so much work, too. You'll have to display it where everyone can see it. *grin* Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work. I like the background of your blog, too. Have a wonderful day!