Sunday, 18 December 2011

Re-covering old stools

Yeah . . . back in the sewing room at last . . .

Sorting out my fabric "stash" I came across some fabric I purchased couple of years ago from Ikea - thought at the time it will come in handy, I am sure you know those thoughts only too well.

Looking at our two old stools today I thought late this afternoon I know what fabric I will use, so got staple gun out, took off the old fabric (yuk) didn't realise how horrible it had become . . . and had fun putting on the new tops.  Of course Aleks just had to jump at the last minute during pics to say "thanks Mum".  It certainly helps a lot if you have a good stapler gun.

Just another item ticked off that big "to do list".  Hope you have had a great Sunday as I have - another year older!

Until next time, Suzi

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