Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday sewing . . .

Today in Sydney started out okay but suddenly turned quite windy and overcast, so best place on these sort of days is the sewing room.  I found a few items I have been working on for some time and completed them and a few still to be finished off.
Of course I had to have some music on and I found Rod Stewart brought back some great memories - hope you enjoy the clip "Maggie May"!

I bought this cushion in kit form and it was so easy putting together.

I have done a few red stitch pieces over my time - I have quite a few now so one day I will put them all together into a wall hanging - or something.

Found this today in my storage - this was one of those pieces that you set up your sewing machine, change the cottons and it does the rest - I just love the colours.

 These two pieces are a work in progress - couple of little cushions, just need button in thecentre and they are done - might turn the blue one into a small pin cushion.

Hope your have had a great Sunday, until next time enjoy Rod, cheers SuziQ

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Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

How good is Rod....gorgeous cushion