Friday, 25 April 2014

It has been way too long . . .

Back to blogging after a good break . . . I have read with great interest your blogs and kept up with all the news and wonderful things you have been sewing and life in general.  Life for some of you has been very tough considering the severe droughts and bad floods we have had.

For me I am slowly getting back into sewing again - I have had a problem with my lungs . . . about this time last year I had a cold/virus and I had problems for quite some time . . . many visits to Dr's, chest X-rays and the list goes on until they found virus had affected the alveoli in my lungs - this alveoli communicates with the capillaries - you know I didn't know much about alveoli until now.  So this has impacted on my breathing and I get shortness of breath just by doing the simplest of things. Progress is slow but I am getting there.

I had a "big" birthday last December and I wanted a dog for a pressie . . . well here he is, his name is Yuki and he is a Japanese Spitz, he is 9 months old now and one heck of a dog. His coat is like teflon, if it gets dirty it basically falls off. He has DH and myself around his paw.

I am back into sewing and have signed up for BOM with Lenora of Elmgrove Patchwork for "Gossip in the Garden" which is beautiful - another beautify from Annie Downs.  I did start needle turn, but I am now going to do machine appliqué, I just don't have the patience at the moment.  I have to Rosalie Quinlan's "Simply Blessed" which I receive from Sarah of Patchworks Plus.

Just wanted to say hi and back into it hopefully from now on … enjoy Anzac Day and take time to remember those who have fallen for us to live in this "lucky" country that we have.  Cheers, Suzi x

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