Tuesday, 27 December 2011

WIP: Welcome Home Door Stop

I am a great fan of Anni Downs stitcheries of Hatched and Patched, so just couldn't resist this Welcome Home Door Stop kit.

In Quilters Companion #51, there is a DVD by Sarah Fielke "Learn Needleturn Applique" - so on this occasion I took her advice and purchased a couple of extra tools to make life a little easier - one was a silver gel pen, and you can see in the above pic the silver pen marks for indicating where to turn under as you sew - I found it such a great suggestion!

 Another suggestion by Sarah Fielke to make the circles was to purchase "Perfect Circles" which come in various sizes and are the best invention. As suggested by Sarah, I placed my fabric cut out plus a Perfect Circle into a small piece of foil and then finger pressed all the edges and then finally I ironed it!

For my first attempt I am fairly pleased, but of course I can see where I could improve. These circles would measure approx 1/2" and are a challenge!

I have been working on this stitchery for a few weeks now and I think my needleturn applique has come a long way, BUT I have found that on these smaller pieces (like tree trunks etc) my patience has been running rather thin.

Will keep you updated on this one . . .  Best wishes and hope you are having a great day, Suzi

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