Wednesday, 4 January 2012

On the buses - NYE/Palm Beach

Happy New Year! Hope you had a great evening . . . Driving for Sydney Buses on NYE is such a lot of fun - extremely busy and one of the side benefits is watching the fireworks display in Sydney!  It was a very long shift (12 hours in total), finishing at 3.30 am Sunday. Thankfully I don't do too many of these late ones.

My wonderful DH took a pic of me with my NYE "antlers" on my head - on the buses we often dress for the occasion!!!  I wish my DH had told me to move away from the metal dahlia on the wall - it looks like I have more than "antlers" growing out of my head!

I was up at Palm Beach (northern beaches of Sydney) yesterday and I just couldn't help but take a few pics ... it was one of those perfect "sparkling" days at the beach - just wish I had been lolling around on the beach!

Until next post - happy new year, cheers, Suzi

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