Tuesday, 10 January 2012

SKOW - Yes, I have started . . .

Hello and happy new year ... have been watching 
all of the posts coming through and I must say I 
had better get a hurry on.  It looks like everyone 
is enjoying this project!

I did prepare in early December, cutting, sorting 
into my plastic bags, making templates etc. but 
then it all came to a sudden halt - but now back 
on track . . . have a couple of days off now so it 
is back into it.

I have been sorting out the sewing room and have 
put all of my "many" projects away in labelled 
colourful boxes and have included the date ... 
this way it makes me take a hard look at all of 
these projects before I dash off and want to 
start a new one - you know what I mean!!!

I have decided to try needle turn on this project, 
so far I have marked and pressed each piece 
ready for sewing onto main fabric.  I don't know 
if I will do all of the quilt this way, I may alternate 
with blanket stitch - not sure at this point, will 
see how I go with this one first!

Keep up the great work everyone, your posts 
have inspired me to get cracking. 

Until next time, SuziQ

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Chookyblue...... said...

looking great SuziQ and you are all organised........