Sunday, 26 August 2012

Blueberry Friands . . .

Just had to try out the oven after yesterday's class!!

Blueberry Friands for afternoon tea - YUM

Our day has mainly been full of catching up from yesterday and unfortunately, I haven't ventured into the sewing room as yet (nearly 3.30pm) so I still have a few hours daylight left to get in there!

YUM - worth the effort!
Easy recipe whipped up - 6 egg whites, almond meal, butter, icing sugar, flour and some blueberries which I had in the freezer.

Ever tried taking a photo through the oven door !!!
I wasn't happy with them after the suggested time, so popped back in for another 6 minutes and they looked a lot better. If I made them again I would use fresh rather than frozen fruit - I found they were a little wet - but hey they were delicious!

I hope you have had a great Sunday . . . until next time, warmest regards, SuziQ

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