Saturday, 25 August 2012

Ilve Ovens Masterclass . . .

A Masterclass with Ilve 

Something different for me today . . . DH unfortunately had to work, but he was there in spirit!

Some many months back we purchased an Ilve 90cm freestanding oven - was one of those purchases when one walks into a Harvey Norman store and sees a great reduction on the oven you have always dreamt of owning!!!

It arrived and was installed and was somewhat different to the old oven we had inherited in our home 
. . . lots of buttons, so much bigger than used to, catalytic liners (sounds like a car), rotisserie (I thought who is going to clean up after using this feature) so wont bother with that.

How wrong was I . . . when I attend an Ilve Masterclass today.  So after revving up the GPS to find my way across the other side of Sydney I finally arrived and was made very welcome with a delicious cappuccino - waited for the other 9 people to arrive for the class and then off into this wonderful kitchen watching the home economist whipping up all the goodies.

We started with mini quiche - pastry to die for, so crisp; then into the oven a tray full of chicken pieces and lamb cutlets - 12 minutes later out they came looking scrumptious. Then we were shown how to set up the rotisserie - on this occasion two small pieces of lamb which had been marinated in moroccan spices, underneath were truss tomatoes and other veggies - some 25 minutes later out of the oven came this wonderfully cooked lamb - we all checked for the splatter in the oven and we were all just so taken aback - just a few splatters on the glass door - we all commented on how we just dreaded the cleaning up of the oven afterwards - so guess what is on the menu at our place tomorrow for lunch - will keep you posted on this one.

Then the raspberry friands were whipped up and served with cream topped with crushed toffee and nuts - WOW what a way to go. So much for my first week on WW diet!

Of course I forgot to take my camera didn't I so I have just popped in some pics from the recipe book.

I hope you have had a great Saturday doing whatever you love to do . . . until next time, SuziQ

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