Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Coffee, Cupcakes, Chooks & Clamshells . . .

Whew . . . just what I needed today after a very long week - a day away from work and to do just anything - and that's what I have been doing - and loving it!!!


I started off my day by going into the wonderful city of Sydney - by bus of course - this takes approx. one hour.  Of course after the trip in it was 10'ish so I just had to have a coffee. I found this new little coffee bar in Market Street called QT - it is the newly revamped Gowings building right next door to the beautiful State Theatre.

New Hair Style

Then it was off to David Jones, Elizabeth Street store - walked into the newly revamped lower ground floor and noticed a hairdressing salon, so off I went for a new look - feeling great by the end of this!  Checked out the cosmetic counters and clothing departments, but didn't buy anything.


 So off to the next task requested by DH to bring home some cupcakes from the Cupcake Bakery in Centrepoint.  This is the result of my findings and yes they are YUM !!!

Just had to try one before writing this for quality control!

Now into the garden . . .


For the past couple of weeks our chooks have gone off the lay . . . I know some of them are in "retirement" so to speak, but the new ones should be laying.  Earlier in the season we were getting eggs and then off the lay they went. We thought it must have been the new pellets, but to our surprise today we found their "hidden nest" - under the palm tree inside the tree guard area we found 12 beautiful eggs!

So of course one has to check if they are fresh and they are!  I cleaned them up first and then did the water test whereby if they sink to the bottom they are still fresh and how lucky were we they are fresh!  


So, after the cupcake and egg hunt I am finally in the sewing room - cutting out some of my clamshells and have done a trial run to see how it looks. Will be placing them onto the green linen eventually. This is a jelly roll by Amy Butler.  I am also using the wonderful pattern from Sue Daley and can't wait to see the end result.

Well that is the news for today - back to work tomorrow and another day off on Sunday - so will keep you posted. Hope you have also had a rewarding day like I have. Until next time, best wishes, SuziQ

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