Saturday, 6 October 2012

In my backyard . . .

Saturday morning and we are up and about recovering from yesterday's 33 degree scorcher of a day here in Sydney.  I have just been up to check out the vegie patch and thankfully they are rehydrating with a couple of slugs winding their way through the straw.

Tiny Toms sprouting flowers

Hoping for some strawberries

Love this perpetual spinach, so great in salad

My chookie girls survived yesterday's heat by digging dirt baths under the trees and just generally trying to cool off.  My poor cockatiels and finches were the hardest hit - but after a quick mist with the hose and plenty of greens they seemed to recuperate.

Off to work today for the both of us - back home around 8'ish after doing Palm Beach to Central routes and then second half similar routes.  I am sure there will be lots of people out and about enjoying today's cooler weather.
I hope whatever you are doing you enjoy the day . . . until next time. Cheers, SuziQ

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