Saturday, 20 October 2012

My Saturday with Clamshells . . .

First attempt at clamshells - I had a little problem trying to take the papers out - I think it is because I used too much glue!   I believe there is another method of applying the papers , so that will be some research for me in the future - I guess the glue method is just so quick.  Anyhow, it has been a lot of fun and something new.

Next time, I would choose a contrast fabric for the second row.  This fabric is by Amy Butler and of course the pattern by Sue Daley. I popped in a couple of felt hearts to hold pins and needles.  My sewing keep wasn't the exact size in the pattern, it turned out slightly smaller. 

Those magnetic clasps are just fabulous little things aren't they?  Just looking at the pics, I don't like that green button - it is coming off! I think I will replace with a ribbon tie - what do you think?

Hope you have had a great day doing whatever you enjoy. Until next time - SuziQ

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