Saturday, 29 June 2013

I need help please - just stuffed up cutting French General fabric . . .

Well, I must have got too carried away with my new cutting blade. I have just realised that I have cut my fabric incorrectly!!!  What a goose I am.

I cut the 18 x 2 7/8 squares from across WOF and then now just read about the two 6 7/8 squares.

These are the two pieces left to cut - they are WOF x 10". Obviously I should have cut out the 6 7/8 squares first then played around with the 2 7/8 squares!!!

After cutting the 18 squares I am now left with only 4.25" x WOF to get the 6 7/8 squares.

Admiring my bundle of dark colours, even cut these on the diagonal - still didn't click in about the extra squares!

Any suggestions how to recalculate this mess would be greatly appreciated. I am pulling my hair out. Perhaps if it is recalculated to smaller blocks, I just don't know, my brain has gone into overdrive and I just can't think a way out of this one.

Life wasn't meant to be easy was it - I always say that I love a challenge, and I think I have found one!!

Cheers, SuziQ


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Bugger.....Why not just create your own design from what you have cut, if you cut down you are going to waste so much fabric...

Susan said...

I agree with Peg, you don't want to waste your lovely FG fabric. Try laying out what you have to see what works rather than trying to match the pattern. The beauty of FG is they all go so well together.